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Can I Drink Egg Whites?!?

January 22, 2015

Yes absolutely, but you want to make sure that you have high quality pasteurized egg whites.

The reason you want a pasteurized egg white is that you know that it is free of salmonella, and as long as it’s been cared for and is good quality – it is safe to eat and good for you.

One of the main concerns about egg whites, is have they remained at a cold temperature and not spoiled.  Most egg whites that you buy; there is no way to tell until you open the container.  Then the smell usually tells you.  But if you look, you can often see the difference.

Why do I bring this up, most egg whites you buy are in a carton or in a white jar and you can’t look.  That is all but Egg Whites 24/7 and Eggology.  We are proud enough of our products and their quality that we are willing to put it in a clear jar.

Think about that, nobody else does it.

Many athletes and body builders drink egg whites, particularly when they are in hard training.   

For example:

Ronnie Coleman – 8 time Mr. Olympia use to drink egg whites in training all of the time.

On a completely different note, when training for “Million Dollar Baby”  Hilary Swank regularly drank egg whites to get enough protein.  If she didn't she would have had to eat a lot of scrambled egg whites as her trainer had her consuming 210 grams of protein per day.  You can find her on the Jay Leno show talking about it.  Obviously – she and her trainer Grant Roberts with a little help from egg whites did a marvelous job.


Jorgen De Mey – another trainer to Hollywood who has worked with Tom Sizemore, Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett is also a big proponent of egg whites.  In fact, it is one of his main food sources.

Don't be afraid to be afraid to be like the greats, take a big gulp of awesome and get on the road to a new you.

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