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Egg Whites 24/7 Welcomes Levan Makashvili to the UFC

February 10, 2015

Levan Makashvili Egg Whites 24/7 AthleteEgg White 24/7 is proud to announce that we are sponsoring Levan Makashvili, an up and coming MMA star about to make his UFC debut against Nik Lentz at UFC Fight Night Broomfield on February 14th.  Levan fights out Mutant MMA in New York, but is from Georgia originally – that’s the Georgia where they talk completely different, not the one where they just talk funny. He is the first Georgian fighter to make it into the Octagon and has brought the support of a burgeoning fan base from back home. 
Levan Makashvili Left JabSince his US regional MMA debut in 2013, "The Hornet" has amassed a record of 9-1 with an impressive KO win over former regional champion Scott Heckman and most recently a unanimous decision win over Alexandre Bezerra, simultaneously winning CFFC Featherweight Title and avenging his only loss. Not to mention drawing the attention of the likes of Danna White, Joe Silva and Sean Shelby, granting him a shot at the big time this Valentine’s Day
More than anything, Levan is game guy, he was offered this fight on a 14 days’ notice, and he took it. The toughest fight of his career on the biggest stage he’s ever fought on. Nik Lentz is no pushover, and with names like UFC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo and up and coming superstar The “Notorious” Conner McGregor, conquering the division will be no easy task.
But it’s this kind of “Can Do” attitude that makes Egg Whites 24/7 happy to be associated with him. We love people who are always ready to seize opportunities and take on a challenges. That’s why our egg whites brand is called Egg Whites 24/7.
Levan consumes egg whites every single day as part of his nutritional regimen so it only, makes sense that he would partner up with the purest, highest quality and safest egg whites in the business.
Be sure to keep any eye out for Egg Whites 24/7 apparel as he enters the octagon on February 14th!
And be sure to check out this awesome highlight video we posted of Levan doing work.




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