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January 28, 2017

If our muscles would be made up of beer or chips, then they might look huge, but sadly, they are not. So, it is essential to pay attention to the diet if you actually want to keep your muscles strong and growing without any harm. Here is the list of foods that has been developed by the experts for all the people who want to increase their muscle mass without any risk to other body cells. All of them are natural and healthy nutritious foods that you should not miss. Have a look:

  1. Egg Whites:

When most of the people are told about the use of the egg white, then they mostly ask why do I need to eat egg whites to build muscles? Here is the answer! Egg whites are the richest source of proteins and amino acids (building blocks of protein). Moreover, they have no saturated fatty acids and they are free of cholesterol, which makes it an ideal substance for all the people who want to use it as the muscle building food. So, buy 100% pure egg white and enjoy the taste of the best products.

  1. Almonds:

Yes! Almonds are known as the muscle medicine because they are the true source of alpha tocopherol (vitamin E) and it is the form that is absorbed by the body in its best. This is actually much better for the muscles because the Vitamin E is much of the important antioxidant that helps in the prevention of free radical formation and ultimately reducing damage to the muscles so eat almonds as much as you can.

  1. Salmon:

Salmon is actually the regulator of growth. It has a large amount of proteins along with the omega 3 fatty acids. It can reduce the breakdown of the muscles after you have a strong workout and it helps in recovery. And this is how, it makes your muscle strong.


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