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Egg Whites As Face Mask

August 14, 2016


After making those desserts with the use of the yolk don’t throw those egg whites just yet. You can still make use of it as a part of your beauty regimen after a tiring day at the kitchen. You can make use of these protein rich egg whites to use it as a face masks and indeed a very nutritious way of nourishing your skin.

Just some points to consider in using eggs as a mask is your skin type. Some skin types are acne prone and egg whites are not recommended to be used. Uncooked egg whites contains a bacteria called Salmonella, a bacteria that causes food poisoning which can worsen your skin condition and may lead to increased acne breakout, dry skin or irritation. So if you are considering using an egg white as a mask, it is highly recommended to consult your dermatologist for a medical advice if this type of mask is best for your skin.

To get most of the egg whites benefit, once that the yolk is separated from the whites, whisks them until frothy then apply it liberally to your face in an upward motion. Let it dry for around 15 to 20 minutes and then wash it off with warm water. As an additional cleansing effect, you can opt to include a small number of lemon juices in the mixture.

Immediate effects can be felt after washing of the mask like skin tightening which can last for about an hour that gives out a healthy radiance on your face and lessen the fine lines as well. It can be considered as a temporary face lift since it tightens pores and removes dead skin cells after rinse.

Egg whites are also used to remove oil from pores at the same time that it tightens your skin which makes it a useful whitehead remover as well. It is said that the egg white masks partnered with lemon helps in whitehead removal and the protein content of the egg is the one responsible for the healing and nourishment of the skin.

Another content of egg whites is collagen. It helps in filling in fine lines and wrinkles but is not considered to last long. It helps in improving skin and maintaining its elasticity. Since egg whites also has Vitamin A, this may not work really well if you have sensitive skin due to amplified sensitivity for some.

Collagen and protein is essential in reducing the emergence of wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps in skin tightening and elasticity. These are most useful if it is approved by your personal skin care specialist since it can provide you a temporary face-lift result without shelling out a great deal of money for enhanced beauty treatment. All natural so it is definitely safe!

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