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Egg Whites’ Drinks

September 12, 2016

Here is question for you. Have you ever met anyone who said they didn’t like smoothies?

Summer is truly the time for smoothies. Smoothies are one of the most delicious and healthy drinks out there. Packed full of nutrients, the simple addition of egg whites means that now they can be a great source of protein too. Here are some great tips on how to make the perfect egg white smoothie.


Fresh fruit

Using fresh fruit in your smoothies ensures the best possible taste and highest level of nutrients. Fruit like all foods begin to break down as soon as they are processed. This means that the vital vitamins and nutrients as well as the sugars begin to decline even before they have reached the supermarket. As a result eating fruits soon after purchase will ensure you get the maximum level of nutrition possible. A great tip to prevent this is to freeze a certain amount of your fruit when you first buy it. This will prevent the fruit from going bad.


Correct amounts

Using the right amounts of ingredients is perhaps the most important part of making a prefect smoothie. You should measure out all your ingredients and not just pour them in by eye. Cooking as they say is a science, well, smoothie making is no different. Here are some great tips to help you.

For a smooth flowing but thick smooth, measure out the water to two thirds of the level of the glass. This is just the right amount of water so that your smoothie has the texture of a smoothie and is not too runny like a juice or too thin like ice cream.

Another great tip is to add the heaviest ingredients first or those that need more time to be broken up. Adding the fruit first, followed by the other lighter ingredients then you will be ensuring the best possible mix of all the ingredients. So order does matter.


Egg whites

Egg whites will give your shake a big protein boost without effecting taste or flavor too much. So it is safe to add quite a lot of egg whites to your shake without fear of affecting the smoothies taste.


Ice for a refreshing coolness

Adding ice is a great way to add a really refreshing coolness to help fight those hot summer days. Your body has two different temperatures, external and internal body temperature. The internal temperature is the most important one as this covers your organs and brain. External or skin temperature can fluctuate much more than internal temperature without problem. Therefore when you get too hot it is more effective to help cool your internal temperature. Drinking cold drinks is therefore much more effective way of cooling you down on those hot summer days.


Blending time

Most people do not blend their smoothies for long enough meaning that the ingredients are not mixed perfectly. Blending your smoothie for 2 to 3 minutes (depending on the ingredients, carrots for example should be blended for much longer than bananas for example) will ensure the best possible blend.


Treat yourself

Our taste buds love sweet foods. So give yourself a little treat and pick me up by adding a sweetener. Sugar is the most obvious one but why not try a sweetener like honey or syrup adds a great extra flavor to your smoothie. Don’t go mad but a teaspoon or so will really make a great difference.



If you are not satisfied with your smoothie, or just want to try something new then take the chance and play around with the ingredients and the amounts you use. There are so many different fruit on our supermarket shelves, not to mention vegetables, meaning there is loads of room for experimentation, so you should never get bored of drinking delicious and nutritious egg white cocktails.

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