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Egg Whites vs. The Whole Egg – Which is Better?

egg whites

The egg is one seriously misunderstood food. Nutrition advice has been back and forth for years over the goodness of eggs and whether they should be included in a healthy diet. Along with the debate over whether to include them at all, though, has been the ongoing discussion of whether to consume the whole egg or just the egg white. Which one is really better for you? The bottom line is a bit more complicated than you might imagine.

The Whole Egg

Eggs in their natural form are fairly high in calories. Along with those calories, though, you also get all of your major fat-soluble vitamins – A, D, E, and K – within the yolk. Those calories also come with pretty healthy fats and good cholesterol, which is absolutely essential in the formation of some hormones in your body. They offer an amino acid profile any body builder might really need, as well as the nutrients your body craves. The problem? They come with a lot more calories, and they’re a bit tough to pack and carry with you.

The Egg White

The egg white has been touted quite a bit in the great egg debate as the solution to the problem, and for good reason. It’s half the calories of the entire egg, and it means a solid way to get the protein your body is craving quickly. It also means a negligible amount of fat and absolutely no cholesterol. Ready for the best part, though? We make those egg whites completely transportable. Available in our OVOPure protein shakes, they’re the best way to recover immediately after your workout and get all of the benefits of egg whites at once.

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