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January 22, 2015

Last year, Egg Whites helped me beat cancer.Carl_Rectangle_large

People talk all of the time about using egg whites to lose weight, using egg whites to gain muscle, and using egg whites to get in shape.  You even hear people talk about using egg whites to fight coronary disease.  Which are all good things.

But I used egg whites to beat cancer.  And I suggest other cancer patients should do the same.

In January 2013, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Throat Cancer.  Stage 4 Throat Cancer, at least at that time because you do a lot of research on this stuff when you have it, had a survival rate of 28%.  That gets a double take when you are facing those odds.

But, and I have blogged on this before, when you are facing such things, there is only one thing to do.  And that is facing it head on.  You should do everything possible to win and beat it, or at least delay it.  It’s not easy.

Besides numerous CT and MRI Scans, I had 35 Radiation Treatments to my throat, plus two Chemos.  The radiation kills your taste buds, and kills your saliva glands.  Nothing taste good.  Not only does it hurt to swallow, it hurts to put food in your mouth.  Every radiation treatment burns about 750 calories, it’s like going to the gym and spending 45 minutes on the treadmill – everyday.  The Chemo makes you nauseous and constipated at the same time.  You have no appetite.  The weight falls off of you.

If you lose too much weight, the insert a feeding tube.  They actually cut an opening into your abdomen and place a tube into your stomach.  They do this in the majority cases.  Sometimes you never get off of the feeding tube.  I was determined not to need a feeding tube.

So I ate, it was painful and did not taste good.  It would sometimes take me two hours to eat a meal – and I’m not French.  Obviously, I need to substitute for some meals.  The nutritionist at the hospital suggest things like Ensure.  I had a psychological problem with this because it was what we fed my mother before she passed away.  I associated it with death, and therefore did not want to resort to that.

But in my life, I have used a fair number of protein drinks for muscle gain. And….  I run an egg products processing plant.  We pasteurize whole egg, salt and sugar yolk, and egg whites.

Egg whites is the most assemble of all proteins.  So I started mixing the protein powders with egg whites instead of water or milk.   The weight loss slowed.  I increased the amount of egg white shakes per day, and the weight loss stopped.

For some people drinking egg whites is unappealing, but mixed with a protein powder, the taste is whatever the powder is (which I really couldn’t taste anyway) and the texture is of a shake.

At first, the nutritionist was concerned about the   safety and Salmonella, however once I explained to her that everything was pasteurized and tested, she was fine with it.

So if you’re in this situation, whatever the cancer is, and you are losing weight too fast and need for it to stop.  I suggest egg whites.

My experience was so good, I have decided to start to produce them for sale.

So I suggest egg whites, and if you are going to being buying and eating egg whites, I am going to be so bold as to suggest ours – Egg Whites 24-7.  You won’t find any better

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