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How to Keep Hunger At Bay While You Lose Weight

January 12, 2018

lose weightIf you’re one of the millions who made a resolution to lose weight this year, you’re probably dreading the seemingly constant hunger that comes with it. The excess hunger can absolutely wreck all of your diet progress, and it can mean the unhealthy foods in your life seem just a little more tempting. So, what should you do to dump the hunger and stay on track? These tips can help.

  • Evaluate what you’re eating. If you’re not filling up on fiber rich fruits and veggies at every single meal, you may need to change what’s on your plate. All of that extra fiber will help to slow the rate at which your stomach empties, and it releases the hormone that tells your body it feels full much faster.
  • Drink more water. Studies have shown that water can help decrease your hunger pangs between meals. If you’re not drinking plenty of water, you’re going to be far hungrier, so work to keep a water bottle with you at all times, and use it regularly.
  • Don’t emotionally eat. Many people gain weight because they think they’re hungry. Eat mindfully. If you’re more distracted, it’s tough for your brain to recognize when you’re actually hungry. Solve the problem and eat only when it’s actually time to eat.
  • Finally, try to add a little more protein to your day. Protein helps fill you up faster, and it will prevent muscle loss as you’re trying to lose weight. Often your body doesn’t distinguish between fat and muscle when those pounds begin to come off, and since muscle helps you burn fat, it’s about the last thing you want to lose. Adding our 100% pure egg whites to the equation could be the answer. Studies have shown that test subjects that consumed 4 ounces of egg whites in the morning have lost approximately twice the weight of those that didn’t.

Losing weight doesn’t have to mean you’re hungry all of the time. These tips can keep the hungry at bay and the weight loss coming your way!

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