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What Are The Health Benefits Of Egg Whites?

Everyone knows egg whites are cocked full of protein, but few people know much more. Egg whites are used by fitness fanatics throughout the world as a source of protein, while other people, such as vegetarians, use egg whites as a substitute source of protein that they need because of the absence of meat and fish in their diets. Egg whites also contain a lot of other vitamins and minerals that are great for your body.

Protein Without Unwelcome Carbs Or Fat.

The reason egg whites are such a favorite source of protein in the fitness community is that they are high in BV (biologically valuable) protein, but contain very little fat and only 17 calories per large egg. This is a superb protein to carb ratio, which is even more amazing when you consider a whole egg contains roughly 71 calories.

No Saturated Fat Or Cholesterol.

Another reason so many people consume egg white is that they contain no saturated fat or cholesterol. Since all the fat and cholesterol contained in an egg is in the egg yolk, simply by separating the egg white you remove all of it in one go. Most other sources of high BV protein are from foods high in fat and for foods such as red meat and dairy there are high levels of saturated fat that over time increase the risk of heart disease and other life threatening problems such as cancer.

Potassium And Lower Blood Pressure.

A large egg’s worth of egg white contains 54 mg of potassium, which is used in nerve transmission, bone and cell function. Without it you could not transmit nerve signals, so wouldn’t be able to contract muscles meaning you would not be able to move, have a beating heart and brain function. A higher potassium rate has also been linked to a decreased level of blood pressure as it encourages a widening of the blood vessels, which thereby lowers the overall blood pressure. As a result potassium helps to lower both the risk of cardiovascular disease and of heart attacks for those who already suffer from cardiovascular disease.

Helping Your Immune System.

Egg whites contain a protein called lysozyme, which is active in strengthening the immune system by killing bacteria. Eggs also contain riboflavin, more commonly known as vitamin B which acts as an antioxidant by attacking harmful free radicals (molecules that damage and kill cells). These free radicals are for example, partly responsible for sin cell damage that makes skin look older. Meanwhile, other conditions linked to a shortage of vitamin B include anemia, higher homocysteine levels that are linked to cardiovascular disease, and a higher risk of cancer.



It is plain to see the positive effects of egg white in your diet. Egg whites are a great source of protein for building muscle and also a range of important vitamins and minerals that are vital to everyday body function. Egg whites are free of fat and dangerous cholesterol while being low in carbs also, so without doubt if you are looking for a healthy source of protein then you can do no better than egg whites.

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