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Why Egg Whites Could And SHOULD Play A Vital Part In Bodybuilding


When we think about egg whites, depending on the person in question – the reaction may well be a long the lines of “Eeeewwww! They’re gross!” In fact, getting a glass of pure liquid egg whites and sending them down the hatch faster than you can say ‘dumbbell’ has almost become a rite of passage for many an aspiring bodybuilder. Do we know why we’re consuming them though? What’s the point and ultimately will it create any kind of beneficial effect whatsoever? Is it purely an ego caresser or will it actually aid us in our goals? Let’s take a closer look….



This is going to come as a shock, but whey protein, and even whey protein isolate ISN’T the most effective way to shuttle nutrients to your system straight after a workout. In fact, they are inferior. Admittedly, they’re only inferior to ONE other protein source – but naturally, you’re going to want to know what that is in order to make sure your body receives the “best” bang for your buck when it comes to nutrient delivery. Being that the subject of the article is egg whites, it’ll come as no surprise whatsoever that they are in fact the nutrient source we’re speaking of. They’re 100% bioavailable, whereas whey isolate is 98% – thus making egg whites the product of choice for total purity. What this essentially means in layman’s terms is that the protein contained in egg whites will reach your muscles faster, thus ensuring the recovery and growth process can start immediately after training and you can start to reap the benefits!



Supplements are expensive, and they should be. If they’re too cheap, we hate to say it but the chances are that the product isn’t of a high enough quality to do your incredibly hard work justice – it’s all about purity and “safe” ingredients, but that does usually come with a premium price tag. You can get products laden with “filler” for less, but you’ll only be paying back your financial investment in the fat pounds you gain as a result. Here’s where egg whites really come into their own, more so than with purity comparisons. They’re actually incredibly cheap, AND they’re the purest form of protein available on the market! We really recommend you take advantage of this to the max and start to use them instead of protein shakes throughout the day for a protein hit.



Not only are they incredibly pure and cheap, but also they’re totally carb and fat free – not one iota can be found in a pure egg white of either of these elements. This also makes them an absolutely perfect “any time” snacking source. You can fry them into an omelette, mix them in in with a sugar free cordial or simply have them as they are. Admittedly this does fall a little into the “function over taste” category as they aren’t exactly exciting, but they ARE 110% safe and effective if you’re super serious about your goal attainment – and very easy to have on the move if they’re mixed in with something.


So, when you add it all up – liquid egg whites are one seriously potent way to hit your protein count in an easy, convenient and highly accessible manner for the human body. There’s literally nothing else out there amongst the natural food world that can claim to come anywhere close to these nutritional miracles. Start adding them into your plan today and see your wallet smiling a long with your gains swelling!

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