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Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Egg Whites One Of Nature’s Most Perfect Foods


The mighty whities! Egg whites really are all they are cracked up to be! They boast such an impressive array of beneficial features to our human bodies it would be crazy not to include them in our diets. From being composed of natures finest compounds to helping with blood pressure and providing you with one of the cleanest protein sources available, egg whites are something you shouldn’t be going without.Of course, the protein benefit goes without saying but why else are egg whites such a fantastic idea?


They are made of all natures’ good stuff!

Egg whites are not only an amazing start to the day as a breakfast they are also fantastic for any meal throughout the day! Eggs boast an impressive array of credentials. Firstly they are cholesterol free and sugar free meaning no nasty extras are lurking in their composition to ruin your diet. They are of course an easy and excellent source of protein for sports enthusiasts, bodybuilders and health conscious individuals alike. You can drink them raw for a quick fix, add them to protein shakes, scramble them, fry them or add them to existing dishes.


Blood pressure

It’s been argued that eating egg whites can be just as good for lowering your blood pressure as medication. In numerous studies conducted, it has been discovered that the egg white peptide can actually behave in such a way in your body that it becomes an ACE-inhibitor. This can help relax your blood vessels subsequently lowering your blood pressure—much in the same way Captopril and other medications work. Pretty astonishing isn’t it?



Egg whites really are one of nature’s most perfect foods; it makes sense as eggs are for sustaining and nourishing a brand new life.The egg white contains the majority of two essential minerals sodium and potassium. The mighty egg white contains 55 mg of sodium and 54 mg of potassium while the yolk contains 8 mg of sodium and 19 mg of potassium.

So, the egg white is not to be underestimated! Potassium is extremely important to human beings, as it’s needed for all our cells to perform their functions properly. If you train hard at the gym it’s of extreme importance you can get enough potassium to stay healthy.



Riboflavinor more commonly referred toas the essential vitamin B2 is part of the vitamin B group, vital to all our bodily functions. Riboflavin helps your metabolism function as it should. It helps your body break down food and utilise the food as efficiently as possible. An egg white provides 0.15 milligrams of riboflavin, about 12% of our recommended daily allowance.


Egg whites really are one of of nature’s most perfect foods. We are merely scratching the surface of this incredible substance! If you aren’t having egg whites in your diet then you need to start NOW!

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