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What Is Bioavailability?

January 19, 2018

bioavailabilityProtein is important. It’s a simple fact, and it’s one many people understand. What some don’t quite get, though, is the fact that not all protein is the same. If you’re working to compare that protein shake you had at the gym with the glass of milk you had before bed, you’re going to get two very different protein levels, and the amount of protein your body can use from each source is what really matters. It’s this idea that makes up bioavailability. Essentially, this term just represents the percentage of protein that is available from the source that your body can actually use.

Wait, Some Protein Is Better Than Others?

Absolutely. A serving of peanuts, for example, should be pretty high on the bioavailability scale, right? Actually, they’re not. Because they contain so much fat and they don’t contain certain amino acids your body needs, they’re not going to give you the most protein you can get. Whey concentrate, on the other hand, ranks fairly high on the bioavailability scale because it’s designed to give you as much protein as possible.

So, How Do I Get the Protein I Need?

If you’re looking for protein with a high bioavailability rating, you want to consider foods that your body can efficiently metabolize, absorb, and use. At the top of that list for many nutritionists and trainers alike is the egg. It sits at the top of the list of authentic, healthy protein sources that your body can use well. Egg whites are easily the lowest calorie source of virtually pure protein your body can get today.

Looking for an easier way to get those egg whites? We can help. The best way to get the world’s perfect all natural protein supplement, they’re ideal for shakes, cooking, and even baking. Order today, and begin your journey toward a more bioavailable protein.

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